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Welcome to beat maker blogWelcome to beat maker blog, a music producer inspired blog where you can download loads of great free sound packs, VST presets, and loads of great free melody loops and melody samples. Beat Maker Blog shares some of the best music production material targeted and designed for Hip-Hop and Trap Music Producers as-well as Urban, RnB and EDM Producers.

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Deep House Sample Sound Pack – EDM Drum Sample Pack

The deep house sample sound pack includes some very nice deep house drum samples, some very nice EDM drum sample pack. This Deep house...

Latest Melody Loops

Top 20 Free Lofi Sample Packs & Free Lofi Loops

Are you looking for some decent Lofi Sample Packs?We will be listing some of the best and free-to-download Lofi sample packs and free Lofi...

Latest Piano melody loops

Free Trap Melody Loops Sound Kit for Music Production

Download some very nice free trap melody loops sound kit for music production, some very nice trap melody loops which are well worth downloading...
21 Best Free Synth VST Plugins

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Top List of Free Massive Presets

Are you looking for some decent and high-quality free Massive Presets? Then be sure that my selection is the best available.Here at Beat Makers...

Future House Loops and Fills +200 Free Serum Presets

Here we have the Ultimate future house loops and fills sound pack with over +200 free serum presets, some crazy fire future house loops...

4 Free Sub-Bass 3xOsc Presets for FL Studio Core Plugin

If you have been looking for Sub-Bass 3xOsc Presets which can be used in FL Studio, look no further!Punchy and deep sounding bass presets...

16 Free 3Xosc Presets for FL Studio for Modern Music Producers

Great quality 16 3Xosc Presets for FL Studio music producers, these 3Xosc Presets are for producers looking to produce Dance, EDM, Trance, Hip-Hop, and...

425 Free 3xOSC Presets for FL Studio

Here we have huge 425 free 3xOSC Presets for fl studio, which can be downloaded for free. Used by many different genres of music...

Top Sytrus Preset

100 Free Trap Sytrus Presets for FL Studio

Download 100 Free trap Sytrus presets for FL Studio, some very nice selected Trap Sytrus presets which can be downloaded by Trap music Producers. What's...