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4 Free Sub-Bass 3xOsc Presets for FL Studio Core Plugin

If you have been looking for Sub-Bass 3xOsc Presets which can be used in FL Studio, look no further!

Punchy and deep sounding bass presets in this awesome sub-bass pack, 4 very nice free sub-bass 3xOsc presets for fl studio.

What’s inside this 3xOsc Presets pack?

  • Perfect Sub.fst (3xOsc Presets)
  • Sub.fst (3xOsc Presets)
  • ReeseSub.fst (3xOsc Presets)
  • MassiveSub.fst (3xOsc Presets)
  • 2 extras: TAL Bitcrusher.fst and FabFilter Pro-Q 2.fst (3xOsc Presets)

Simply load the punchy sub-bass presets into 3xOsc and use them for free in any music productions

Designed for 3xOsc which is a core plugin by fl studio

Special thanks to BBX Music who has created this sub-bass 3xOsc preset pack, go and follow BBX Music on youtube here, and also check out his Instagram.



If you enjoy this Preset you should also check out some of this other 3xOsc on mysoundpacks.


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