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Free Serum Presets & Massive VST Presets

In this preset pack, we have some very nice 13 serums presets and some very nice and cool 6 free massive VST presets. Free to download Serum Presets & Massive VST Presets

Free presets for music production and free for download, freat selection of different sounds which have been individually made by ChillzHeaven from youtube.

Yes if you are a Serum or Massive VST fan then these free presets are amazing and worth adding to your music production library.

Check out the video that shows the 13 Free Serum Presets & 6 Free Massive VST Presets in action!

Let’s check out the video below;

These 13 Free Serum Presets & 6 Free Massive VST Presets are pure fire! definitely worth the free download here at MySoundPacks!

Inside this Serum & Massive preset folder pack, you will find 2 folders.

let’s check out what’s inside this awesome VST plugin preset pack!

Massive folder

  • Classic Chiptune vr.nmsv
  • cool arp 1.nmsv
  • Double notch fun.nmsv
  • Growl 1.nmsv
  • Pluck Dreams.nmsv
  • Pluck Short Decay.nmsv

Serum folder

  • Acid Vomit V2.fxp
  • Acid Vomit V3.fxp
  • Acid Vomit V4.fxp
  • Acid Vomit.fxp
  • Classic Vr Growl.fxp
  • Dying whale.fxp
  • Moar Chiptune.fxp
  • Pluck Heavenz.fxp
  • Pluck Phaser Pluck.fxp
  • Sine Distort v1.fxp
  • Unlimited Growls v2.fxp
  • Unlimited Growls.fxp
  • work on this 1.fxp

If you enjoy this preset pack you can get more free serum presets and massive presets from ChillzHeaven on youtube here, make sure to check him out. you can also follow him on Facebook. THEUnknownForNow

If you like check out some of our other Serum presets shown below;

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