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Top 20 Free Lofi Sample Packs & Free Lofi Loops

Are you looking for some decent Lofi Sample Packs?

We will be listing some of the best and free-to-download Lofi sample packs and free Lofi loops which are free to download.

Some Amazing sounding Free Lofi Piano Loops for free download, this pack contains awesome free Lofi Piano Loops.

Some amazing loops in this pack, all samples and sounds come in high-quality .wav format, suitable for any Supporting DAW of .wav files import.

Free Lofi sample pack 1

Check it out in action

What’s inside this melody Lofi Sample Pack?

  • Aries 70 Gm (Lofi Piano Loops)
  • Breakaway 75 Am (Lofi Piano Loops)
  • Crest 80 Gm (Lofi Piano Loops)
  • Evelynn 80 F#m (Lofi Piano Loops)
  • Fremen 80 G#m (Lofi Piano Loops)
  • Nights 80 D#m (Lofi Piano Loops)
  • Skyfall 130 A#m (Lofi Piano Loops)

Some amazing quality wav file lofi loops

Top Free Lofi Sample Packs & Free Lofi Loops
Top Free Lofi Sample Packs & Free Lofi Loops



Free Lofi sample pack 2

If you are a music producer looking for FREE Lofi Sample Pack or some cool Free Lofi Sample Melody Loops, this is the perfect free download.

FREE Lofi Sample Pack

FREE Lofi Sample Packs includes in this pack

  • broken record – 88BPM Dmaj
  • dreaming – 60BPM Amaj
  • echoes – 80BPM Gmaj
  • losing sleep – 64BPM Bmin
  • midnight aura – 74BPM Cmin
  • take care – 78BPM Gmin
  • tranquillity – 85BPM F#maj
  • visions – 83BPM Emin

All melody loops have been Prod by Jason Breyer (youtube link) also check him out on Instagram



Free Lofi sample pack and Lofi loops 3

Vintage Lofi Melody Samples for Hip-Hop and Trap Beats

Soul-fly is a vintage lofi melody sample pack that contains some cool melody loops. These melody loops are free to download and use.

Lofi Sample Packs inside this melody pack, check it in action here.

This melody pack contains;

  • Vintage Sample – Abarcy 145bpm Em – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – Calidity 147bpm Fm – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – Dandie Claw 120bpm Bm – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – Forfex 140bpm Cm – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – Incognito 70bpm A#m – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – Make You Cry 70bpm Am – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – Rush Hour 70bpm D#m – Melody Loop
  • Vintage Sample – U n Me 70bpm D#m – Melody Loop
  • Vintageย  – Melody Loop



Free Lofi sample pack and Lofi loops 4

Free Lofi Melody Sample Loops Sound Pack
Free Lofi Melody Sample Loops Sound Pack

This is Free Lofi melody sample loops sound pack that contains very nice royalty-free lofi melody loops which can be easily imported into desired DAW’s.

What’s inside of this lofi sample loops pack?

  • Cornerstone 115 Am.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Dont leave 75 Dm.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Eden 90 Fm.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Evergreen 75 Dm.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Heavens 80 G#.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • New dawn 85 Bm.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • No light 75 Fm.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Nostalgia 75 A#m.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Sebadoh 90 G.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Slacker 85 Cm.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Uku 90 Am.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Utopia guitar 85 F#m.wav – Free Lofi Samples
  • Utopia piano 85 F#m.wav – Free Lofi Samples



Extra Lofi Sample Pack Links

External Lofi Samples and Lofi Loops links that you should check out are shown below;

1. Looperman – Free Lofi Loops Samples Sounds, a great collection of free-to-download Lofi sample packs and Lofi loops.

2. Samplefocus – Tons of free Lofi loops, overall 8350 Lofi samples and Lofi loops

3. slooply – LoFi Station: Hip Hop, over 100 free Lofi hip hop loops, definitely worth checking out and downloading. (also check out Lofi Me Harder, Lofi Boom Bap)

4. landr – Tons of free lofi samples and free lofi sample packs for free download. Loads of great lofi packs, some may require you to create a free account.

5. Lofi Kit by BeatsbyNXTGoogle drive download link – 10 free to download Lofi sample packs (melody loops)

6. Mondo Loops – Download Free Lofi Hip Hop Samples By Mondo, some amazing lo-fi loops, defenitely worth checking out!

7. Apollosound – LoFi Guitar Sample Pack, 40 free guitar loops, 20 clean guitar loops and 20 lofi guitar loops.

8. Theaudioowl – 6 Lofi Hip Hop Drums and Loop Packs, some nice chill pop and jazz hop lofi samples.

9. samplesoundmusic – Free Lofi House Packs 119 sound in this pack in total

10. PrzystekRecords – 5 amazing Free lofi loops which are free to download and free to use.

11. Gonza on the beats – Lofi Sound Pack with melodies, drum loops, claps, kicks percs, and much more.

12. musicradar – 587 free lo-fi samples

13. Soundpacks – Memories Lo-Fi Loop Kit, comes with 18 samples and 73MB file size

14. whippedcreamsounds – The 11 Best Lofi Sample Packs, contains some amazing Lofi sample packs and Lofi samples.

15. Loopcrate – Free Lofi samples packs from loop rate, 8 very nice Lofi melody loops.

16. Splice – Over 300 free to download Lofi melody loops, must create a free account and login.

17. Fatloops – Free Sad Lo-Fi Loops and Sounds Kit

18. Echosoundworks – Lofi Serum Presets & Drum Loops

19. free-sample-packs – Lofi Drums with 165 free drum samples

20. lmarqueeproductions – Old Photos Lofi Loop/MIDI Kit, some very nice lofi sounds that are well worth the download.

We hope you guys enjoy our huge collection of some awesome Lofi sample packs available for free download online, this page will be regularly updated to maintain valid links and new content.

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