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Are you looking for Free Guitar Loops? Or some decent free-to-download Guitar Samples?

We have some amazing royalty-free Guitar Loops melodies and samples for download and use, this pack has some amazing Guitar Loops.

All loops and guitar melodies are easy to import into any DAW of your selection that supports the import of WAV files.

If your looking for some nice and cool guitar loops be sure that this sound pack has some amazing and free to download “FREE Guitar Loops Kit”

What’s inside this pack?

  • ages 170 G#m
  • burn 150 Cm
  • crimson 140 A#m
  • eon 150 Bm
  • firefight 140 D#m
  • oblivion 136 Fm
  • scarlet 129 Em

A huge thanks to The Dojo Producer for sharing these, check him out for more cool melody loops and trap samples on his youtube account here.


Free Guitar Loops Kit 2

If you’re looking for a FREE Guitar loop melody kit & melody sample pack, this guitar melody pack named legends is what you need!

loops demo of what to expect in this download

Free loops inside this melody pack

  • Doom&Gloom 155 Am (free guitar Loop)
  • Get Thru It 120 Gm (free guitar Loop)
  • La Droga 85 Em (free guitar Loop)
  • Love Pain 166 Am (free guitar Loop)
  • Starlight 160 C#m (free guitar Loop)
  • Vital 134 Fm (free guitar Loop)
  • Wish you Well 80 C (free guitar Loop)

If you’re looking for some cool guitar loops for no further! this guitar loop pack is named “LEGEND” for a reason!

Huge thanks to The Dojo – Soundkits & Music Tutorials check him out on youtube for more free loops and melody packs.


Free Guitar Loops Kit 3

6 free guitar melody loops which can be downloaded for free, aimed at trap and hip-hop music producers, this sound pack contains some very nice guitar melody loops.

Which Guitar Loops are included in this Sound Melody Loop Pack?

  • Ages 145 Cm
  • Blaze 92 C#m
  • Eon 145 Bm
  • Flame 165 C#min
  • Jaded 147 Cm
  • Oath 130 Dm

Supported DAW?

All 6 guitar melody loops in this cool sound pack can be easily loaded to any of your favorite digital audio workstations (DAW) which supports the import of a .wav file format.

Go & subscribe to Producer Dojo on youtube and never miss a free melody loop kit or trap drum sound pack. Also, you can check out more drum sound packs here and melody packs here from our categories.


Free Guitar Loops Kit 4

9 royalty-free guitar samples and guitar loops for free download, this is one of our most favorite guitar sound packs as it contains some seriously good guitar loops and samples for music production, all these guitar loops can be used for hip hop beats, EDM beats, pop beats, modern dance beats, trap beats, you can simply flip the loops and make them fit almost any genre.

Check out the samples in action below;

  • April 153 Gm.wav – free guitar loop
  • Black 86 G.wav – free guitar loop
  • Dax 97 C.wav – free guitar loop
  • East 153 Cm.wav – free guitar loop
  • Freckle 150 C#m.wav – free guitar loop
  • Gesture 147 Fm.wav – free guitar loop
  • Harmless 145 Bm.wav – free guitar loop
  • Mojave 100 Dm.wav – free guitar loop
  • Retaliation 140 Gm.wav – free guitar loop

We have more trap melodies here. Make sure to check out our website frequently for new loops and sound packs.

Go & subscribe to FLPSDE on youtube and never miss a free melody loop kit or trap drum sound packs. Also, you can check our more drum sound packs here and melody packs here.


Free Guitar Loops Kit 5

Free mellow guitar melody loops sound pack (Great for Hip-Hop music producers), contain some very nice Guitar Melody Loops, this is a great free Melody Guitar Pack.

this mellow Guitar Melody pack contains;

  • Azra 84 A#.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Capra 84 Dm.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Claw 133 A#.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Down4u 144 Bm.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Papercut 150 D#m.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Ribbon 130 A#m.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Stallion 163 A#min.wav – Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops
  • Tagger 130 A#m.wav -Free Mellow Guitar Melody Loops

Go and subscribe to FLPSDE on youtube and never miss a free melody loop kit with a direct Mediafire download link.



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8. MusicRadar has released over 266 free acoustic guitar samples

9. Reddit user – a nice collection of guitar samples on Reddit, external links

10. Echosoundworks have released 25 inspiring guitar loops which are free to download and use for music production.

11. Splice – Splice has released 77 free-to-download guitar loops which are free to download, you will need to make a free account to download these.




Other melody loops you should go and download here at MySoundPacks

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