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Top List of Free Massive Presets

Are you looking for some decent and high-quality free Massive Presets? Then be sure that my selection is the best available.

Here at Beat Makers Blog, I have compiled all available free massive presets. Massive x presets and also free Massive Presets designed for hip-hop.

I will also regularly keep track of this page and keep it updated so that all links are working and the latest Free Massive Presets and never miss out!

If you think that I have missed any Free Massive Presets, then please drop a comment below and I will add it to this amazing list.


Beat Makers Free Massive Presets

Comes with 664 KB in file size and is one of the first shared presets on our website


Designed for all hip hop and RnB beatmakers


Huge 500 free NI massive VST presets for free download, freat massive presets for producing Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, Electrotype beats.


13 Free Serum Presets & 6 Free Massive Presets


Massive VST presets designed for Trap and Hip-Hop based beats, are definitely worth the download.

Cymatics Free Presets:


Massive Gems Vol. 1

This is the Cymatics’ 1st volume of ‘Massive Gems’ and comes with 25 mind-blowing presets.


Massive Gems Vol. 2

yet another 15 awesome presets followed by the “gams pack”


Realistic Sound FX

Realistic sound FX that is sure to have you listen twice.

External Top free Massive Presets

Rekkerd has made a huge selection of 19 free to download Massive presets, which are all free to download and free to use.

 Immense Trance (free demo)New Loops
 Future Bass and Chords (free demo)New Loops
 Big Drop (free demo)New Loops
 Future Bass Volume 1Xenos
 Massive – Uber Brutal Dubstep (Demo)Xenos
 Massive – XS SignatureXenos
 ModeAudio Massive SamplerModeAudio
 Massive Toxic Patch Pack Vol.1Toxic Rainbow
 Big Phat Massive Pack 3Amplex
 2010 Massive Dub Pack 2Amplex
 Massive DubstepAmplex
 The Best Dubstep Bass Presets Part 1Stepsonics
 Neuro Bass HiveDurk Kooistra
 Dubstep Vol 1 DemoSonic Drive Media
 Transformation Vol. 1Trancestorm
 Standalone | Massive DemoStandalone-music
 Dark Resonations (Massive Bank 2)Corin Neff
 Frozen SolidCorin Neff
 Hallways of the NephilimMetafex


TriSamples massive-presets
TriSamples massive-presets

This includes 9 different massive preset packs, check out the main cover images for all presets below;

Some amazing 500 different presets designed and developed by a music producer that goes by the name of Pulse, designed for Dubstep, Trap, Drum and Bass, Electro.


  • Massive Presets

    • NI Massive Dubstep Presets
    • Sytrus Dubstep Presets VOL.1
    • Sytrus Dubstep Presets VOL.2
    • Free Dubstep Essentials Preset Kit
    • Free Massive Dubstep/Brostep Preset Pack

5 amazing and great sounding Massive presets designed by SubSonic Flux.


Some amazing and great Massive presets designed by the producer named Krillium


Tons of free presets to download! check out some of the free presets below

There are over 20 different Massive presets to choose from.


This is probably one of the largest Massive presets shared on our website. 1400 Massive presets


Over 2500 top massive presets for a free download!


Like Skrillex? then there are tons of fills, great-sounding effects, basses, growls, pads, and leads.


X Epic Trap presets for Massive VST, 8 highly crafted presets.


I have only shown the top and worth downloading NI massive presets, if you think that I have missed any decent and quality massive presets then please drop a comment below.

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