Upload Your Packs

If you wish to submit files to our download database please email us on [email protected]

The information which we will require;

  1. File Name
  2. File category you would like to add to file too
  3. Description (at least 150 words, links to your socials/websites can be included at the bottom)
  4. File Image (414px by 414px, if not don’t worry we will resize to fix with to match our style if you don’t have any artwork we will create an image for you)
  5. If you can then Attach the file in the email, if the file size is too large, then use 3rd party wetransfer, attach the file on wetransfer and send it to [email protected] separately

Submit all files & packs to [email protected]


By Submitting any files to us you accept and agree that all files you have submitted include no copyright and are free to be used by other music producers in any music production-related or any creative projects, please note that if the copyright is different then please specify this in the description of the file, we do not share any illegal files, please respect our policy.